Sandeep M (Rangasiri)

Project 560

Grant Period: over six months

Sandeep Manjunath is an actor, playwright and co-ordinator of ‘Rangasiri’ a theatre group in Bangalore. Comprising of amateur actors, Rangasiri is fuelled by the team’s passion for and commitment to theatre. Sandeep and the Rangasiri team will create a theatrical production around the Kempegowda tower located in Mekhri circle. The tower, which is one of the four that were constructed by Kempegowda II, the grandson of the city’s founder Kempegowda, is of crucial importance in the history of Bangalore. Through interviews with historians and an investigation of historical records, Rangasiri will create a theatrical piece that will look into the nature of the changes that the city of Bangalore has seen over the years and stage it in and around the tower.