Gururaj L

Arts Education

Grant Period: over ten months

Gururaj is a Special Teacher for Drama at the Government High School, Jahagir Gudadoor, Koppala and had received a grant from IFA once before under this programme.

In continuation of his previous project, he intends to build partnerships between students, folk artists, teachers, and the broader community as entry points for learning across the curriculum. As students develop a popular folk theatre script on a topic of their choice, they will embark on a process of community engagement by documenting a range of folk traditions that stretch from a relatively unknown repertoire of domestic work songs of women to the more established theatre and dance forms available within the community. Aided by a series of workshops conducted by local artists on scripting, set and costume design, and lighting, the project will culminate in performances in area schools.

These performances will be the outcome of this grant which will showcase the adaptation of text to relevant art forms, and highlight the dialogic relationship between the school experience and the life of the community. The deliverables of the project to IFA will be images and audio-video documentation of the programmes. 

This grant was made possible with support from Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore and Citi India.