Abeer Gupta

Grant Period: Over one year

For working with the collections at the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya (IGRMS), Bhopal. The IGRMS is an ethnographic museum which demonstrates the aesthetic qualities of India's traditional life styles, local knowledge and mores, and cautions the people against unprecedented destruction of ecology, environment, local values, customs, etc.  Abeer intends to explore the role, relevance and meaning of the ethnographic object in the contemporary world.  For this purpose he proposes to create an intersection between a given ethnographic collection and the community it belongs to, at a point where the community itself has shifted to an alternate location or is scattered across numerous locations. The outcome will be an exhibition and an essay.

Hartman de Souza

Grant Period: Over two years

For research towards a chronicle on the history of jazz in Goa, Bombay and Calcutta between 1930 and 1980. The study will trace the roots of this unique tradition through the lives of its best-known exponents and lead to a manuscript that blends true accounts with fictionalised narratives.

Bharat Sharma

Grant Period: Over one year

For preparatory research towards the development of highway performance circuits for contemporary dance. The outcome would be a strategic plan for a single performance circuit along highways across south Indian states with the aim of expanding opportunities for performance and establishing a sustainable infrastructure for contemporary dance.

The Academy for Arts Research Training & Innovation

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For an interdisciplinary, multimedia stage production based on a poet’s anthology and put together by a dancer/choreographer, a music composer/stage designer and the poet. The resulting performance will be a visual and aural collage that will incorporate the poet’s sketches and the video footage that she shot in the wake of the Mumbai riots of 1993.

Pushpamala N

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For the construction of an imaginary photographic studio, by a visual artist and a photographer, to extend the creative possibilities of the photographic image. They will design and photograph a series of tableaux that will critically portray stereotypical images of the south Indian woman drawn from Hindu mythology and forms of popular visual art.

Rajivan S A

Grant Period: Over three months

For the conception and design of a collaborative music performance by two musicians/composers and a baul singer. The collaborators’ collective exploration of the soundscapes of baul will result in a document with audio work files and a record of discussions, interviews and photographs that will lead to a full-fledged performance.

Kabir Mohanty

Grant Period: Over one year

For a sound/video installation, by filmmaker and a sound composer, that explores creative and unconventional ‘sound’ possibilities. The collaborators will create multiple soundtracks for the installation, which will have multiple starting points that provide different ‘spatial’ experiences of sound and image.

Anjani Khanna

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For four ceramic artists to investigate the role of art in public spaces. They will explore the relationship between the environment and ceramic art practice and examine notions of space and cultural specificity, finally creating a joint installation at a chosen site.

Robert Giannetti

Grant Period: Over ten months

For two musicians to collaborate on The Indica Project, which aims to create new music based on Indian musical heritage with the inclusion of various musical styles. The resulting CD of original compositions will feature Indian classical and folk musicians, and musicians from Africa, Latin America and the USA.


Grant Period: Over one year

For collaboration between a trained actor and a performer of the folk narrative form of Pandavani to absorb aspects of each others’ practice and work with a writer-director to create three performance texts for the theatre, which will culminate in a series of collectively devised performances.

Harish Nagrecha

Grant Period: Over ten months

For collaboration among a creative writer, a screenplay writer and a writer/producer of radio programmes on the arts, to translate six of the latter’s short stories from Gujarati into English in a publishable form. The translations would also be converted into radio scripts and screenplays.

Sarnath Bannerjee

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For creating a graphic novel on present-day Calcutta, by a filmmaker and an illustrator, combining elements of a visual travelogue, a documentary comic book and a personal diary. The novel, which will use the personal narrative to explore links between today’s Calcutta and the popular culture of nineteenth-century Bengal, is expected to be serialised in newspapers, and the process of creation will be documented and exhibited.

C F John

Grant Period: Over three months

For the use of an open well as a site, and a quilt as a prop, by a visual artist, a choreographer and a photographer/visual artist to develop a collective language that extends the formal parameters of visual art and dance. It will result in installations, visuals and choreography that will help the collaborators conceptualise a full-fledged site-specific exhibition/performance.

Gurvinder Singh

Grant Period: Two years

For preparatory research and documentation towards a film on the Sufi and bhakti music of the Punjab. The audio-visual documentation will be made available to music researchers through cultural organisations.


Grant Period: Over two months

For a four-day meeting that focuses on the presentation and discussion of collaborative arts projects. Bringing together artists from different disciplines and regions, the meeting aims to trigger reflections on the processes, possibilities and challenges of collaboration in the arts while also generating suggestions for future support.