Dr. Ningu Solagi

Arts Education

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

Dr. Ningu Solagi is a noted teacher from the Government Higher Primary School, Mundaragi in Gadag district. His first book came as an outcome of his Ph.D on Children’s Theatre. This grant is made to extend his research towards a publication on home grown games played by young children between the ages of 3 to 6. As a researcher recognised by the parent community, Dr. Ningu will conduct research with the permission of the parents to observe some children at play beyond school hours. He will watch and observe the conversations and role-plays of children in the space of their homes and school. Through this work, he hopes to validate his study that children learn by imitation and often these home grown games inform the social conditioning of the children. Hence, as a teacher he is keen to sensitise his fellow colleagues on the importance of nurturing free-play during school hours and to encourage a dialogue while in play to help create a more conducive learning environment. Part 1 of the project will lead to a book furthering his work on children’s theatre and Part 2 will lead to sensitisation workshops for teachers and parents for fostering life skills both at home and school. If the initiative is well-received, he would invite resource persons from the theatre community to work with children towards a production at the Makkala Ranga Habba (Children’s Festival) nearing closure of the project.