Arts Walk in Ulsoor | November 08, 2015 & January 24, 2016 | Bangalore

Is art outside our everyday experiences of walking, living and breathing in neighbourhoods?
Or is art part of our lived experience?
This walk in Ulsoor with Prof Sathya Prakash Varanashi, addresses this conundrum – looking at the relationship between lived spaces and the arts.

Ulsoor is an urban neighbourhood with a historic heritage - it has gained and lost much in this transformation through time. This transformation owes much to the personal tastes and preferences of its residents, whether through the architecture of their houses, walls, sense of scale, or their personal tastes in embellishment and decoration. These patterns are further complemented by aspects of urban culture such as objects of daily use, rituals, culinary habits, social customs and more.

The walk attempts to understand the relationship between architecture, personal rituals and customs to make sense of this historic space in a modern context.

Prof Sathya Prakash Varanashi is an architect involved with eco-friendly designs and heritage conservation. Presently the Convenor of INTACH (Indian Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), he conducted the first Ulsoor heritage walk during the late nineties – an interest that has continued over the last 8 years with INTACH. He will also be accompanied by architect Kokila Mohan, who undertook an extensive study of Ulsoor, for her Master's thesis in Urban Design.

This Arts Walk is a part of Project 560, 2015, an IFA initiative, partnered by Citi India.