Catalyst - Arts, An Inspiration for Excellence

Catalyst - Arts, An Inspiration for Excellence is an initiative by IFA, that brings to corporate venues, a wide range of accomplished artists from the worlds of theatre, literature, visual and performing arts, sharing their creative journeys’ and their pursuit of excellence.

This initiative, designed to inspire through thoughtful exposure to the richness and varied dimensions of the Indian Arts, seeks to enliven campuses with conversations and presentations by the artists. They will share their thoughts by reading excerpts from books and poetry, showcasing short films, engaging in creative dialogue and personal interviews, or through lecture demonstrations, and more.

Catalyst - Arts, An Inspiration for Excellence is a 12 month long engagement, with one session each by 8 accomplished maestros including: Aditi Mangaldas, Anju Dodiya, Arundhati Nag, Astad Deboo, Atul Dodiya, B N Goswamy, Benjamin Gilani,  Jitish Kallat, Malavika Sarukkai, Nandita Das, Raghu Rai, Rahul Ram, Ranjit Hoskote, Ratna Pathak Shah, Reena Kallat, Romi Khosla, Sanjna Kapoor and Varun Grover.

Catalyst also includes a version that can be customised to offer arts workshops along with talks.

We have received positive feedback from participants at the campuses of our Corporate Partners in Bangalore, that include Titan Company Limited, Sasken Communication Technologies, Biocon Limited, Centum Electronics Limited and Cisco Systems.

To learn more and sign-up to Catalyst write to Joyce Gonsalves:


"The fundamental idea driving this program is that business can learn a lot by exploring the inspiration for excellence outside of itself. It also makes the notion of excellence quite palpable by recognising that it is people who drive excellence and if all are exposed to an eclectic set of thoughts, they will be energised. Arts have the unique ability to observe, interpret, explain, connect and work with discipline and passion, all of which are essential attributes of any successful enterprise.”
– Vinita Bali
 Business Leader and Champion, Catalyst- Arts an Inspiration for Excellence