Art Courses for Educational Institutions

IFA can design specific arts-based courses for your educational institution. Over the years, we have conducted/managed the following courses:

  1. Leadership, Culture and Communications – Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.
    The Leadership, Culture and Communication course was designed to allow students to explore and discover the concept of leadership and heroism. Students meet leaders from the arts, corporate and governmental world, who share their own leadership journeys with the students – their successes and failures, their doubts and decision-making, managing people and creating value.
  2. Tracking Creative Boundaries – Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
    The Tracking Creative Boundaries course was designed to provide students with an opportunity to interact with and learn from the creative biographies of artists drawn across a variety of art forms like theatre, cinema, poetry, drama, music and dance, and other cultural expressions.

IFA managed and conducted the TCB course at IIM-B for nine years, where it has been voted by students as the best elective course for a record three years in a row.

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