Krishna Murthy TN

Programme Officer: Arts Education

Krishna Murthy TN studied Art History at Chitrakala Institute of Advanced Studies, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and spent 15 years as a Senior Lecturer at the College of Fine Arts, Bangalore.

He has led ‘Kali Kalisu’, the arts education teacher training initiative which involves teacher training at IFA, for over three years. He has been responsible for training teachers, assistant teachers, principals, and administrators, and conducting block level training sessions across Karnataka. He also interacts with and oversees teachers and artists who work on arts projects in government schools as a part of the annual grantmaking in the organisation. Krishna is constantly on the move across Karnataka to interact with government school, education administrators, and the Department of Education as part of grantmaking and outreach.

Krishna has been a member on the Board of Studies in Fine Arts in several universities. His interests are curriculum development, training, and implementation at schools, as well as collegiate education in complex and highly dynamic environments. He is also the coordinator of multiple academic projects in Karnataka.

Krishna enjoys watching films and reading newspapers, and travelling to connect with diverse communities and imbibe their culture and stories. He draws inspiration from his wife and daughter.